Stephen Ministry

Do you have gifts of commitment, compassion, encouragement and teach-ability? Are you able to complete 50 hours of training time over 5 months? We are looking for people who are: able to listen, have a living faith, able to learn confidentiality and are able to meet Tuesday evenings.

Stats about Stephen Ministry:

What Stephen Ministry is NOT

What Stephen Ministry IS


  • Treats individuals, couples and teens with weakened coping skills in severe depression, threat of suicide, acting out, etc.
  • Legally protected confidentiality.
  • Pushes toward a crisis, leading to a desire to change.
  • Cares, listens, reflects, encourages one adult with coping skills interact through normal life challenges.
  • Suggests referrals to mental health, medical, legal, financial, vocational, etc. professionals, as needed.
  • Confidentiality
  • We care, God cures.


  • Two-way, casual, informal, goes on.
  • Gives advice.
  • One way, formal, structured, ends.
  • No fixing.


  • Superior director leads; you follow.
  • Fellow Christian who involves and relies on God.


  • Common issue (e.g. breast cancer)
  • Has a plan for your recovery.
  • Have humanity in common.
  • Usually Christianity in common.
  • We care, receiver directs, God cures.


  • Comes in a crisis, a few visits.
  • May work with a whole family.
  • Periodic follow-up.
  • Usually comes after crisis, visits regularly weekly, aprox. 1 hour, until closure.
  • One-to-one.
  • Bi-weekly peer supervision.

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