Fusion Student Ministries is the youth ministry of Reynoldsburg UMC. We have specific focuses for junior highers (7th and 8th grades) and senior highers (9th and 12th grades). We believe the church should be a safe place to talk about anything AND that we are a part of the church today – not just tomorrow. Which means our hope is to create spaces where students can learn who they, Whose they are, and, ultimately, live and real the Kingdom of God in every area of their lives.


All Students
Wake Up & Worship | Weekly
Our church has 4 different opportunities to worship on Sunday morning and we love to see students there!


Jr. High
Table Talk @ 11-noon in the Fieldhouse | Weekly
Table Talk is our Jr. High version of small groups. Students meet each week to have some fun, open the Word, dive into some deeper discussion with one another, and learn what life can look like when we say Yes! to Jesus.


Sr. High
Table Talk @ 11-noon in the Fieldhouse | Weekly
Serving @ 8:00, 9:15, or 11:00
We highly encourage our high schoolers to connect with different ministries of our church and begin serving in a variety of ways during their high school years. From behind the scenes fun to greeting for worship to teaching children – there are all sorts of ways to get involved on a Sunday morning!

But, for those who aren’t quite ready to serve, or who are looking for a Sunday morning time to learn about our faith and hang with other students, there’s Table Talk for high schoolers, too!

Contact students@rumc.org with any questions.


All Students
The Gathering @ 5-6pm | Monthly
The Gathering is a high energy , super fun time where all students can easily join in and invite their friends. We switch up our shenanigans each month (playing games, watching movies, eating food or…) but ALWAYS having a blast.

Sr. High
Small Groups – @ 5-6:30pm | Weekly
Students in 9th – 12 grade wanting to dive a little deeper into study and grow closer in community with other gals or guys their age should check out out sr. high small groups. We meet in a home, with 2 trusted leaders, every week (except when there’s a gathering) to talk about anything and everything. 


All Students
MeetUps @ 6:30-7:30pm in the Fieldhouse | Weekly
In the middle of the week, this is a youth ministry led time for student of all ages to get together and have some space to vhill. We watch hilarious videos, play crazy games, here a bit about God, and just hang out with one another.

All Students
Pastor’s Bible Study @ 6:30-7:30pm | Weekly
InThis is a time where everyone in our church family is invited to dive into the scriptures and learn from our Senior Pastor. For students wanting to study scripture in a more academic, less conversational way, with multiple generations, this is an excellent time of learning that happens every week.  


All Students
Worship Arts @ 5pm-9pm | Weekly
Wednesday nights also present LOTS of opportunities to get involved with different worship arts teams that serve our church. Options like handbells, student choir, praise team, chancel choir, children’s ministry, and so much more!